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Mittwoch, 17. März 2010, 17:20

und noch eins gefunden

die 14. auf dem weg nach malaz


koryk,smiles,cuttle and tarr had joined up with deadsmell, throatslitter and widdershins, standing in a row at the rail, locking across at the passing dromon, and under each soldier's left arm was a tiste andii head.
"Like Anomander Rake, Osric was more dragon than anything else. They were kin in blood, if not in personality." HoC

"There were clouds closed fast round the moon. And one bye one, gardens died." tBh


Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010, 21:47

RE: Lieblingszitate

Heboric: "Woman, if absolution is free, then all that we do here and now is meaningless."


Sonntag, 20. März 2011, 12:23

Mappo - Spite - Iskaral Pust und ne Menge Bhok'arala:


"Your acolytes, High Priest", Spite said. "You are their god. Indicative, I might add, of at least two kinds of absurdity."
"I'm not impressed by you woman. If I am their god, why don't they listen to anything I say?"
"Maybe", Mappo replied, "they are but waiting for you to say the right thing."
"Really? And what would that be, you fat oaf?"
"Well whatever it is they want to hear, of course."
"You are seven years old. You are a man. Bury your first toy and your mother's picture."